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P r i c e  L i s t

T r i a l   P r i c e s

Bride                                                    £75

Bridesmaid                                         £60

Mother of the Bride                           £60

W e d d i n g   D a y   P r i c e s

Bride                                                  £120

Bridesmaid                                         £70

Mother of the bride                            £70

Young Bridesmaid                            £45

Flower girl glitter and gloss                £5

Day Guest                                           £55

Bride only bookings                       £250

E x t r a   S e r v i c e s

Touch ups available from               £100

Assistant/Second artist                     £50

Bond and seal lashes                         £10

Additional Information:

  • A call out charge will apply to all wedding day services.

  • During peak wedding season (May to September) all Saturday weddings carry a minimum booking term of 3 adults  

  • If you would like Rachel to stay for your wedding afternoon to retouch for photos / reception touch up this can be arranged at an extra cost.

  • If your bridal party is particularly large or your wedding time is early then an assistant may be required. There may be an extra charge for this but is sometimes essential to ensure a calm and enjoyable morning so that your perfect look is not rushed. All assistants are highly skilled professional make-up artists in their own rights whom are a trusted additional to Rachel's team and share her creative skill set

  • Strip lashes are included in all prices above

  • Rachel works closely with hair stylists and can produce quotes on demand for hair and makeup package.

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